The 8th of March 2013 it is settled for a master meeting between the acoustic and the electric music, when the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra (SSO) and Alf Terje Hana aka ‘Athana’ meet up for the “Athana Symphonic Experience” in Stavanger Concerthouse. Guest musician on stage, is the legendary Stewart Copeland, who add his skills and color.

The idea occurred already in 2009, to make the collaboration between Athana and SSO. The man who is to recompose and write the arrangements, is Helge Sunde and Reid Gilje, who has loads of experience in similar work and projects.

During this concert, Molitrix with two dancers, will participate, and also live video from Fredrik S.Hana.

This concert is sponsored by Kulturbyfondet in Stavanger, and also by alongside partner, Electrocompaniet.


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Photo: Kristofer Ryde

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Photo: Kristofer Ryde

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Photo: Kristofer Ryde

Photo: Kristofer Ryde

Photo: Kristofer Ryde

Photo: Kristofer Ryde

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Photo: Bjørn Nibe